Atlantis Studio Original Artwork

Our original ceramic art sculptures can been view and purchased at our sister website

All of the designs at Atlantis Studio are born out of our original cultural pottery sculptures.

Original work is made is the native tradition of San Juan de Oriente cultural pottery style with our own artistic innovations.

We sign our work Atlantis that represents the cultural and contemporary fusion in our work.  All of our sculptures are meticulously handcrafted.  Details are etched through native color into the slip layer before the pots are fired.

Contemporary color in acrylic are hand painted into etched designs after our vessels are fired.

Visit to see our original pieces and feel the artistic and cultural inspiration behind the Atlantis Studio products in the original artwork collection. 

Enjoy both Atlantis Studio printed merchandise and original art sculptures.

Atlantis represents the idea that cultural diversity and ecological conservation are wildly important and a beautiful thing to be a part of:)